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Song for Francis

Well it feels like the first time that I'm not second guessing
Still the sundial keeps spinning so damn fast
It's about that time I count my blessings, and hope they last
Cuz after all of these years somehow I still don't know
Any better way to say goodbye
But I guess it'll have to count for something though, just to try

Cuz there will be many long days I accept my fate to freely roam
But tonight ain't one of them days cuz I just can't wait to finally be home
So I guess I'm coming on home

So keep you in my heart I wont be reckless
Don't you lose that fire in your eye
Lay off the smokes and eat your breakfast
We'll stay alive
And through all the sorrow and the joy
In this great big mysterious plan
When I once again saw that boy I found a man


Dear friend if you see my love don't tell her where I've been
Cuz this place will harden up your heart and get under your skin
And I would not even hesitate to burn it to the ground
'Cause I'm in a ghost town
And we can't scrub off the blood and mud till we get a little rain
And the farm where I come from we keep antlers on weathervanes
But I am going to levitate when the match hits the ground
'Cause I'm in a ghost town

And this is a hoedown

On the borderline of Scarlettown you might find this song sung
Where the greedy man never buys a round and the pleasant man get's hung
Where they would not even hesitate to sell you by the pound
'Cause you're in a ghost town
So dear friend if you see my love don't tell her where I've been
And if the pastor asks about my soul I might just have to grin
'Cause in the land of milk and honey oh honey it's still the land of sin

And I'm in a ghost town

And this is a hoedown

American folklore

I was a walking contradiction who
Got tired of writing fiction
Either hop on to or step in front the train
All the while had her smile kept me sane
We find ourselves in situations
Ain't never seen before
Through the heart of the wasteland
Riding through american folklore
We were job to job just stayin alive
Went dancin at the local dive
Then one night she past me by
I asked her for a light
That's a thousand hours we held on tight
We went blackin out under the stars
'Til lightning came and killed the dark
Light us up and show us who we are made of
What we are
On the highway, a thousand miles
In that indian car
We're hiding out in desert plains for forty nights and forty days
And it's running through our veins, on our hands, in our face
Oh the night
Keeps a crazy crazy place

And now we're hot dripping sweat but we never gonna break
Trippin from the venom of the rattlesnake

And we banged each other's brains out
We're all lying on the floor
Staring back at our reflections
I'm american folklore
And all the while
Who really knows what it was for
That's a stick of dynamite
Blowing a hole through the side of the mountain
Let it rumble in our head
That's a train whistle blowin'
From a couple feet away
Carcass of the coyote
He ain't coming home today


We try to rewrite the lines half a dozen times
Never really know just where we're heading
And when we feel all wise we'll probably be surprised
We never really know how far we're getting
We put ourselves in the shoes of someone else's blues
But we'll never really know just where they came from
And when we stand bemused or wrongfully accused
Keep marching to the beat of your own drum
But I saw heaven in the eyes of a passerby under streetlights
And I don't care what faith we have so long as we have some faith tonight
We were just living for life

I'm so surprised that her head's on my shoulder tonight
And I'll never really know just where she came from
And now her feet are cold and my face is numb
And we're as hungry as the winter's long
Marching to the beat of our own drum

big ol' heart

Oh devil it's been fun
But I got to level with you one on one
Dinner's over, the dance is done
It's time to leave
We've been running down this road so long
We've been trying to write the perfect song
Thinking maybe it will right our wrongs
Set them on fire, and send them down the stream

But the good ones kept on dying
So we spent the afternoon drinking and crying
Praying the big old God would get lost at sea
But I've been taking them bad thoughts in my head
And telling them to fuck off instead
And painting a big ol' heart all over history

All of the memories I didn't want no more
They called my bluff and knocked down my door
Found me out cold on the bathroom floor
Sure picked a bad time to forget how to breathe
But oh devil I'm letting go of your hand
You got them flashing eyes, you got a hell of a tan
But I'm gonna end up in your frying pan
If I don't send the salesman down the street


robin hood

I got a mouth full of sawdust, kicked over my bucket of sins
I'm a voodoo doll all full of pins
I'm table scraps and a worldwide grin
A tin can and a string I called up my father
Said why should I sing why should I even bother
He said hey man don't you worry bout anything
They'll throw you to the wolves, hold your head under water
Kill your first born son and daughter
Who is on the rise, all lips on a ring
It's no surprise, fake diamond king
Who's growing twice as far as Pinocchio's nose
Flashier than the emperor's clothes
Hey what's it all about tightening up a noose
Find myself calling out Robin Hood cut me loose

So now it's one shot on the master's plan
Two shots for my Nana's hands
Three shots for my friends who never again will roam this land
So I stood up in front the mirror, first time in a year
Then four shots bartender and one more beer
Five shots 'cause the end ain't even close to near
bees and seas.jpg


Sun down top down New Mexico, feelin alright
Looking for the first damn thing to get this music off my mind
And I woke up, a motel room, heard that voice loud and clear
It said pick up your ass and get your ass on out of here
Getting in getting out got lost in the overgrown
Getting in getting out rolled up some homegrown
Getting in getting out got lost and made some friends
Getting in getting out got lost and did it again
Gotta rambling state of mind gonna be okay
So long I don't gamble my mind away
So when living, ain't no better time than today

So give me one more time to love again, I'm fading low
You'll find us hanging on
We're on the lonely road again, that's who we are
Won't find us carrying on with ways or brighter days or words we wished we said when fading low
No you'll find us hanging on
So give me one more time to love again, I'm fading low
Won't find us fading love

Sunset, rooftop in London, feeling alright
Till one too many lines of blow gone up and end my night
And I woke up in a sexy dress heading out on an eastbound train
Wondering what I went and put into my own veins

Chicken without a head

Well it's so uncomfortable, this burning in my eyes
If I blink another year might go by
And it's a curse if you don't know how to count your own blessings
And I confess it was only getting worse
When there is no smoke and there's no mirrors, but I only fool myself
With life collecting dust on the shelf
Try to smoke away your fears, guess I'm not so wise beyond my years

I'm settling in for a long long night
Have any medicine for this kind of bite?
So grab my hand and drag me away
Because heaven knows why hell's so inviting
Why the hell is hell so inviting?
Get up go and tellem now

You're afraid that you've been running around like a chicken without a head
no destination in sight and you're sure to leave a mess
but you're too smart to be so down, too old to be spoon-fed
So at the fork in the road don't get so obsessed
So at the fork in the road get up and go now

Movin' On

In a foreign land, go and give an outstretched hand
When it all seems wrong, sing a song
Watching life unfold, memories can’t be bought and sold
This ship is rolling in to the pier, and you saved me a souvenir

Let’s lay in the grass and get some sun
Stomp the ground we’re on the run
I see clearly, rain is gone
Movin on, I’m movin on

After the melting snow, plant a seed and watch it grow
Looking inward and up above, learning how to love
The ship is rolling in to the pier
You saved me a souvenir
When it’s time to depart
I'll leave a little piece of my heart

Familiar Face

When California falls into the ocean
When Washington is lying through their wooden teeth
If the preacher man is right, and the whole sky turns red
You'll always have a place to rest your head
When the wicked witch makes you drink the potion
If we fulfill every Hopi prophecy
If a zombie virus comes on through and wakes all of the dead
You'll always have a place to rest your head

Babe we're on the bottom of a slave ship
Waiting for our amazing grace
If you eat too many drugs, you're on a bad trip
I'll be you're familiar face

If you wake up from another bad dream
The room is spinning and you can't fall back to sleep
All them skeletons in your closet, all the monsters under your bed
You'll always have a place to rest your head
If nothing is ever what is seems
When they go and shoot another Kennedy
When every story on the news is filled with fear and dread
You'll always have a place to rest your head

If you're at the very end of a long road trip
I'll be your familiar face


Larry Underwood

When you cant see five feet ahead driving through the driving rain
When you cant move five feet ahead through the body aches and pain
Well I'd walk a million miles through the heart of a hurricane
Won't let you down
When the thunderclouds are rollin in and fear washes over you
When the thunderclouds are rollin in just get a clearer view
Love is always loudest, it is wild, it is true won't let you down
When you're tryin to bring a dream alive and you stumble and you fall
When you're tryin to keep a dream alive and you're humbled and you crawl
When the firing squad goes and gets you up against the wall won't let you down
I went down to the crossroads, have i been here once before
I went down to the crossroads so damn tired of being poor
And the devil said hey boy go get your ass out on tour won't let you down
Baby i won't let you down
Went down to the motel, have i been here twice before
Went down to the motel, clean the blood up off the floor
I'm gonna lose some battles but I'll always win the war
Won't let you down
Cause I hear the train whistle blowing, and its calling out my name
Yeah I hear the plane engine roaring now and its calling out my name
And baby I got a crazy heart that can't be tamed won't let you down
Winter time is overhead and the whiskey's pouring slow
Winter time is overhead and the whiskey's running low
Spring time is here lets raise the dead its time to grow
Won't let you down
And now the thunderclouds are rolling in, stay close behind
And now the thunderclouds are rolling in, lets ease our troubled minds
Cause love is wild and crazy, love is one of a kind won't let you down
Cause love won't let you down


Long night

High and low, I've been riding away from the storm

High and Low / I've been riding away from the storm
Cuz I didn't wanna bring me no harm
but now something has got me to spin, round again
Show me light

Cuz I don't got a savior in sight
Don't know if my behavior is right
Wasn't looking for trouble but trouble was right up head

Lying awake on a lost Saturday and you can't find a reason to rise
Knocked off your feet and you lie in a daze wiping the blood from your eyes
It's a long night out in the forest ain't ever felt so alive
and the flames in the sky are climbing higher but ya can't turn away from the fire

Hanging on/ I've been riding the waves to your arms
But I didn't wanna bring you no harm
I ain't looking for trouble but trouble is up round the bend

(last chorus replace "in the forest" with "out on the dancefloor")


I've been traveling on another wounded leg
I've been dancing up on another powder keg
Glowing like a blown out candle
I brought a flame to my hand so I can feel love again
Got a vacant heart again
Don't know where to start again, gotta find a better way 'cause
I've been walking away from every held wide open door
And ive been running away from every smile that might be warm
And I've been rocking a raincoat on the driest day of the year
So baby I'm gonna chain smoke till we find another way outta here
Tongue tied, quiet mind faded
Headed out to the party, never made it
Trying to be a sheep in wolves clothes is overrated
Looking out for a sign, tired of waiting
Trying to love again, got a vacant heart again, don't know where to start again, gotta find a better way 'cause